Beauty Tips From Ancient History

May 11, 2023

Here is an infographic that features various beauty rituals used by ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Indians, as well as the modern day equivalent. Discover how Cleopatra bathed, when Herod the Great visited the first health spa, and even how Hippocrates liked to crush snails.

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Zerona Body Contouring and Fat Loss

March 10, 2023

Zerona non-invasive technology is the first laser specifically designed for body contouring and has been repeatedly tested in clinical settings to safely shrink fatty cells in the body. With the Zerona Z6 Laser, your weight loss journey will be backed with the confidence of the manufacturer’s twenty-two FDA market clearances.

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Beauty Products That Changed The World

February 10, 2023

While you might not think there is anything special about your routine, did you know some of the products you may use in your everyday routine carry real, historic significance and may have even revolutionized the world of beauty? Read on to learn how some of the classic beauty products you probably use every day changed the world.

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How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh When Traveling

December 12, 2022

You may have just experienced the best vacation, but as you review at your photo roll, you notice that you have dull and tired looking skin. You may have been faithful to follow your regular beauty regimen so why this dry and tired looking skin? In the following infographic, learn how to keep your skin looking fresh while traveling.

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14 Surprising Insights Into Makeup Routines

November 11, 2022

Many women prefer to apply their own makeup rather than hire a professional makeup artist or beautician. Curious as to how your makeup routine compares to other women? Check out this infographic to unveil some surprising facts and hear what influential makeup artists have to say.

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Creating Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Nails Through Diet

October 11, 2022

Consumers today may often find themselves spending a small fortune on products designed to topically improve skin and hair. However, did you know that one of the most important contributors to beautiful and radiant looks is the foods you choose to eat? Here is a visual guide to eating healthy to achieve better skin, hair, and nails.

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Beauty Tips From History

August 11, 2022
Beauty Tips From History

Here is a visual that features some of the most odd and wonderful beauty tips practice throughout history. From crushed bugs to human urine, they’re all here. How many have you tried?

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Acupuncture: What Can it Treat and What to Expect

June 29, 2022

Acupuncture has been practiced as the main system of medicine in China for thousands of years. Needling acupuncture points has shown to reduce pain, increase energy and immunity, decrease stress, and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

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Product Free Beauty Fixes

June 10, 2022

It may be tempting to just cover up blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin issues with makeup. But you’d be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to fix them without expensive products. Here is an infographic that looks at some of the best ways to improve your skin’s look and feel, all without using anything out of a jar or compact.

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Skin Spring Cleaning

May 10, 2022
AHA Fruit Peel Facial

Fountain Spa’s AHA Fruit Peel layered with the Hungarian Paprika gel Treatment (with or without the gauze mask) is the ultimate detox and fresh skin renewal treatment as it gets rid of all the dead skin cells that have cumulated on the skin during the cooler weather causing dullness and forming fine lines.

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