Hilton Head Body Wraps

Heated Parafango Body Wrap

Stimulate the lymphatic system to release toxins, tone and tighten skin with a heated application of parafango – a mixture of paraffin and sea clay. The treatment begins as your therapist dry brushes your skin, and then paints heated parafango over your entire body. It ends in a comfortable wrap to let the thermal properties of the paraffin and the detoxifying effects of sea clay work their magic. A memorable treatment.

90 minutes ~ $150

Rehydrating Body Butter Wrap

Indulge yourself as your therapist dry brushes your body to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate circulation, followed by an application of Shea body butter. Next, your therapist cocoons you in a comforting wrap and lets you rest undisturbed. Truly relaxing.

50 minutes ~ $85

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Body wraps are a wonderful precursor to a massage- to relax the muscles and release toxins.

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